Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ideas for the classroom

A list of ideas for teachers to use in the classroom to incorporate Water for Christmas, can be found HERE. This list was compiled after chatting with friends, family and teachers. It was fun to brainstorm. But it is just a list of IDEAS. I have not been in the classroom for several years. I understand it is so different than is was when I was in it last. Of course, initially, when we started talking about this, I was dreaming BIG. I never had my own classroom before we started our family and I left teaching, so I have all these ideas bouncing around in there still! :) I had thoughts of a whole thematic unit on water integrating science...using water samples, social studies...talking specifically about Africa, math...talking about the stats, creative writing, and hey, why not PE and music, too?!? But I do realize there are other things that need to be taught and Water for Christmas might need to be a little bit smaller, and that's ok, too.

Feel free to use the informational brochure in the WATER link on Jody's blog to send home as a parent letter. Lots of good information, but in a half sheet. Very brief, yet informative.

So go check out the list. There are ideas such as a Penny War and filling water bottles with change. Making bracelets, going on a field trip and filling a bucket cup by cup. Lots of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I could have gone on and on with ideas and I'm certain that all you teachers out there will start reading and take off and make it your OWN.

Because really, what we are praying for, is that these kids take ownership of it. That they get passionate about something bigger than themselves. That they get a small taste of how sacrificing and giving can be so much more fulfilling than receiving.

More ripples.

Fresh, clean, ripples of water.

(If you have any ideas to add, comment or email!)

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