Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I think we are all going to live.

I truly think Ayla is finally on the mend.
She played this morning by herself, without whining at all.
She ate breakfast.
She acted spunky instead of like a limp noodle.
And it's been 24 hours since she has had one of her nasty diapers.
Paul is feeling a little better today, too.
The floors are finished.
We are going home this afternoon after the house has aired out a little bit.
We get one night in our house before we head out to Paul's parents for the weekend.
The kids are giddy with excitement, and I'm ready for a little break from reality and anxious to spend some time with my in-laws!
So things are looking up.
And I have some cute pics, but seeing as we are at my mom's and I have no wireless, I'll have to wait to post them.
Off to get this house straightened up before we head home to straighten up that one...


Heather said...

Sounds like you are all on the mend and ready to celebrate the holidays! Safe travels to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kari said...

So happy to hear you all are feeling better.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!