Wednesday, March 2, 2011

last spring break...

i'm pretty sure there are few people in this world who appreciate hot florida sun in early march more than iowans.
i am beyond excited.
we leave one week from today.
i was looking through photos from last year.
remember?? i had just gotten back from africa less that a week before we left.
and we DROVE.
20 hours each way.
what in the world were we thinking?? :)

so one year ago...
it is obvious ayla still had an attitude. we could probably get this same photo this year.

but seriously...these boys have GROWN this year. wow...they look like babies!!

and of course the girls. we'll have a few of these shots in the near future as well...

i would not say that it's easy to have kids under 2 in florida on the beach and out in the hot sun.
but somehow we have managed to do it for several years.
this year we are going to have erin, luke and drew with us, too.
beach time could be interesting.
and not to rub it in...but none of those little little ones are mine this year.
which is incredibly exciting for me.
3 and up, baby! i can't wait!

we absolutely, positively could NOT do this if my parents weren't awesome and generous.
we take over their house for a week every year.
and they keep letting us do it.
the adults act like kids while the kids nap.
it's perfect for our families.
and the memories we are creating are pretty amazing.

all that to say we are pumped.
we are counting down the days and we are to ONE WEEK.
we get to see my brother and his family.
the weather looks to be sunny every day and right at 80 degrees consistently.
(does it get any better than that??)
i got my vacation book in the mail today. (The Help)
i'm thinking of starting to pull out summer clothes and get things organized.
can you tell??
look out florida...we are coming soon!


Amy said...

That sunscreen picture is way too cute!! I love it!! I'm jealous of your trip. But I love how your families combine and do so many things together. I think that's so unique and special. What fun memories you are making!

Anonymous said...

so it's ok for me to admit that i am JEALOUS~I am not normally JEALOUS of ppl. Normally I am happy for them but, I AM JEALOUS! :) Have fun!! U deserve it girl!-dg

Lisa said...

I would have never guessed that was a picture of Brigg from last year - he looks 6. And why is there only one drink sitting next to the hot tub??

Candi said...

I see 3 drinks Lisa... oh wait, one is a sippy cup... perhaps that's Paul or Tony's though... JK'ing!! : )

Anonymous said...

sooooo jealous...please bring us back some sunshine...PLEASE!