Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday night...

I'm done subbing until we are back from spring break.
Sitting in bed with a hot cup of tea.
My mind is spinning trying to make sure I remember everything for our trip...which is basically 5 swimming suits and 5 toothbrushes. ;)
We are bringing ONE suitcase for our whole family and then each of us has a back pack.
Did you know Paul was flying separately??
He got bumped off a flight a year ago. He received a free ticket through United.
Well, the flights through United to Florida were literally THREE TIMES as expensive as the ones we got through allegient air. So he is flying alone. Which sounds heavenly.
But do not worry about me! I will be flying with not only my 3 children, but (are you ready for this??) also Lisa, Tony, Macy, Hadley, Nana S and Nana B. When we land Erin, Luke and Drew will be waiting for us. We have 2 vehicles that will seat all 13 of us and then Paul will meet us at the house later that night. That makes a grand total of 14 people staying at my parents!!
Plus, my brother and his wife and 2 kids will be joining us off and on. (they actually LIVE there, so they'll be staying in their own home.)
It's going to be crazy fun.
And I might need a vacation upon our return. :)
So I have our bags mostly packed. Last minute things will be tossed in tomorrow.
Every electronic device we own is plugged in and charging right now.
Books are placed in the kids' back packs.
Summer clothes have been tried on and wow...these kids have GROWN.
Willow gets dropped off at the kennel on Wednesday morning. :(
We are picking the kids up from school around 1:00 Wednesday (my mom and I) and then heading to the airport.
I cannot wait to soak up some Vitamin D.
And read The Help.
And drink pina coladas on the beach with people I love.
And not worry about my cell phone ringing at 6:15am asking if I want to work!!

Yes, excited is an understatement.
I'm going to bed now...just so the time goes faster.
Night world....


Farm-Raised said...

Have a great trip!! Jake and I and the boys are heading to FL in a few weeks and we too have decided to take ONE suitcase for the family. $25 to check a bag is ridiculous! I may be emailing you for "packing the family for FL in one bag" are much more experienced in this area than I am! :-)

Cara Hoherd said...

yay! You will LOVE The Help- SO good. Great characters. I am reading Half-Broke Horses right now, recommended by you! Have fun in the sun!

Courtney said...

have fun! and enjoy the book!
{maybe you could give us all tips on how to pack so lightly??}