Thursday, March 3, 2011

Africa 2010

just went to read meg's blog this morning and she posted about our africa trip last year.
i'm in tears.
crazy how a place can change your life forever.
my thoughts have been returning to sierra leone often this past week as i look at the calendar and remember where we were last year on this day.
i ran into sheila yesterday and school and we had a little "moment". our eyes kind of locked and i said, "can you believe it's been a year?" and she just sighed and said "i know...i can't stop thinking about it this week!"
so i'm not alone.
and after reading meg's post, i wanted to link up and share some of her photos from that trip.
i was an incredible week in my life.
one that i will never ever forget.
i miss africa.
i miss my africa girls from that trip.
feeling super reminiscent as i start my day today.

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meg duerksen said... was special.
we need to go back.