Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

You may not know this, but today in international women's day.
It's striking a chord with me today.
I know I have posted this video here before, but I want to do it again.
Because I really do believe that woman can change the world.
Watch closely...

Seeing as it is International Women's Day, I wanted to share another story with you that has touched me. It is the story of Ram Rati.
Becky Straw, of the Adventure Project, traveled to India a couple months ago and met her.
She fell in love with Ram Rati and has been passionate about telling her story since she has returned. And what a story it is!
You see, woman across the world don't always have the advantages we do in the United States. They are looked down upon and scared to speak up. They need women like US advocating for THEM. Ram Rati is a success story. And she doesn't have to be alone.
The Adventure Project is working to make sure men and women everywhere have their dignity restored. They are partnering with organizations that are working to help people in developing nations transform their countries from the inside out. It's a fairly new concept and it's catching on.
Letting go of the idea of AIDE and looking more at organizations who are working to develop products & services that improve communities, save lives, & create jobs.
So today is a good day to look at a woman who is a success story. A woman who has captured my heart. And understand the these men and women have the abilities to change the future for their whole country.
Upon her return, Becky told a story of watching Ram Rati work.
She said
That afternoon I sat in the dirt alongside a group of women, watching Ram Rati and her colleagues fix another well. I was blown away by how strong they were. How they jumped in and grabbed the heaviest tools. They knew just what to do, and how to fix it. I scanned the crowd and noticed three school-age girls also watching. Mouths open, standing in awe. They were mesmerized. I recalled what Ram Rati told me earlier in the day, when she grabbed my arm and pointed at those same three girls. With conviction she said, “I want these girls to be more than us.”

On that day, in the middle of a small village, I think I observed the birth of a revolution. For the female mechanics, this is their Women’s Rights Movement.

That gets my blood PUMPING.
And consider joining this revolution!!

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