Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm giggling...

imagine an extended family.
many of you may think of a group of adults gathered around a fire...drinking coffee.
graciously discussing politics and religion and education and such.
it's peaceful.
the kids are quietly putting together a puzzle in the middle of the floor.
getting along famously.
9:00 hits and they all stand up and decide to call it a night.
early to bed, early to rise.

nice, right?
that is not my family.
so it's making me kind of laugh hysterically to image that.
my sister wrote a post this morning about our family...meaning her parents and siblings.
and i read it and could hardly contain my laughter.
it's funny.
if you want to get a glimpse of my family, you should go check it out.
for those of you who don't know my family, something might click for you.
it explains a lot about me.


Jennie Peakin said...

Funny, because I was seriously giggling out of control at that last picture I posted! I mean,'s funny.

Holly said...

that IS hilarious and I have decided that we (you and me) are the exact same person ;-)

Anonymous said...

But there were no pictures of Chris mooning someone! Has he given that up? Gale

Candi said...

You never mentioned this post to me yesterday so I am JUST now seeing it and Cassie.... oh dear! Maybe TOO TRUE!! :) Like I said on Jennie's blog... if anyone ever wonders if God has a sense of humor.... wonder no more!!!!!! :O :)

Sarah Guild said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing :+)