Sunday, March 20, 2011

c'mon...just 15 more

have i mentioned that i love THE ADVENTURE PROJECT??
that i have the utmost respect for the women who are running this organization?
that i am in LOVE with their new perspective on how to give??
oh, i have?'s worth revisiting.
because i believe so deeply in this organization and the people running it.
they know what they're doing.
and they are amazing.
they recently launched a blogger-type campaign.
the goal is to raise $10,000 in one day...which happens to be WORLD WATER DAY.
in 24 hours they found 50 bloggers willing to dedicate their blog to this cause on TUESDAY (which is world water day). they decided to double down and try to find 100 bloggers instead.
they are almost there. they only need 15 more bloggers.
and some great news came in...they found someone to partner with them and MATCH the $10,000 goal.
that is HUGE.
but i believe they need all 100 blogs to give it their all. (and more would be even better!)
so i encourage you to go read about the project and sign-up. i really think you want to be a part of this.
it's going to be awesome.
you can read about typeTAP HERE and sign up.
you can read a little more HERE at jody's blog. there are some great links there. i would urge you to read more about this project. you will fall in LOVE with these mechanics and their stories.
i hope you join us. it's one day. one blog post. and an opportunity to be a part of big big change around the world.
thanks for continuing to listen to me. i know i get get annoying. but i truly, from the depths of my soul, believe in this. truly.


Jennie Peakin said...

I signed up! :)

Tiffany Eriksen said...

Thanks so much for surrendering your blog for the day to be part of our typeTAP vision! We appreciate your voice so much! You have a beautiful blog!

P.S. Thanks for signing up Jennie!