Wednesday, March 16, 2011


we made it home.
countless countless photos to sort through.
lots of memories this week.
spring training baseball, beaches, sharks teeth, parasailing, laughter, family, good good times.
but really, are you supposed to be this tired after doing a whole lot of this...

well i am.
we stopped at the store on the way home.
milk and bread for the kids.
fruits and veggies for me.
lots of fruits and veggies.
that all i'm going to be able to eat for WEEKS to make up for this past week.
but so so so worth it. :)

kids are in bed.
i'm making a cup of hot tea and heading there myself.
with my husband, my computer and our DVR.
so romantic.

and oh my own bed feels like a dream.

much much more to come on our trip to florida.....
consider yourself warned.
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Anonymous said...

Cassie, you feet have not changed a bit! Just as I remember them! :) gale

Tisha said...

Did you get a pedicure before you went? Those are perfect toes!