Sunday, February 27, 2011

new dos...

the cosmetologist...
we realized as jennie was cutting our hair that my kids have never been to a salon.
our salon has always been a kitchen or a garage.
jennie said she thought they were missing out on something in life.
i beg to differ.
ugh...i hate the salon.
all those mirrors and fumes in the air.
not for me. :)
i'll take my kitchen any day!
and what a LUXURY to have a sister/aunt for a cosmetologist!!
we love it.
every family needs one!

brigg wanted to go mohawk again...but "not spikey".
i think his hair looks like puck on Glee.
hope he doesn't act like puck one day! :)

and lani wanted hers chopped.
"to her chin".
she looks 16 to me....

i also wanted mine chopped off.
and fire engine red.
i've always loved changing my hair up.
we decided fire engine red might cause a little too much reaction in the kindergarten classroom, so we toned it down a bit.
i still love it.

ayla just got a trim, but we didn't want to leave her out of the picture.
so i got a cut and color.
i think i might even get my eyebrows waxed and shave my legs before we leave for florida.
that's big time, people. BIG time. :)
thanks jennie! we LOVE our new dos!


Candi said...

WOW Do I know you guys???????????? : O :)

Beckysblog said...

Love all the new dos' but wow - Lani - love it!!!

Lisa said...

I agree, Lani - wow you look adorable!! Macy asked awhile back to get hers cut short too, but I am not ready to do away with the quick ponytail!
And, everyone does need a cosmetologist for a sister - do you realize the money you save?!?!

Jennie Peakin said...

I love doing it...especially when I get to CHOP off hair...SO FUN! And is it just me or does your hair already look like it's faded?!! I mean, I swear it was darker than that!