Thursday, February 3, 2011


after my last post i made an effort to readjust my attitude.
set the kids up to sleep upstairs.
planned on making pancakes and sausage for breakfast.
talked about finishing our UNO game.
and tucked them into bed.
things went downhill from there.
started feeling super crummy.
body aches. feverish. full head.
a child wet the bed in the night.
i may have cried...i don't really remember.

paul had a long talk with the kids before heading to work.
when i stumbled downstairs they were playing together so nicely.
for like 2.5 minutes.
i managed to pull off the pancakes and sausage.
i relaxed for a bit.
they fought brother and sister.
i mustered up the energy to make a cup of hot tea and finish our UNO game.
slightly less fighting during this time. it was worth it.

then i sent them outside for a bit. it's COLD, but the sun is shining bright.
and they have been out there for an HOUR. can i get a woot woot!??! (well, ayla is still inside, but i can deal with one.)
they are having a blast. and i've been able to relax.
feeling like i may even be able to pull off supper.
hoping tomorrow is better.
please let it be better...

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Candi said...

Ding dang it.... wished you felt better!! :/ Hope tomorrow you are much better!