Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so much for reality...

just got the text that there's no school again tomorrow.
feeling a bit torn about that.

earlier today i was talking to jody on the phone. i had snuck into my room and was hiding. paul had been shoveling for hours. seriously. the kids had been in and out, but when they were IN they were all over me. so i hid.
i'm mature.
i don't care.
anyway...i got about 3 minutes. i could breathe.
then they found me. the started filing in. one by one.
my blood pressure started rising.
in my most calm voice i said, "please. can i please just have a moment. one moment. go downstairs. i will be with you shortly."
and i got a moment.
but it was short.
because guess what! jody's kids were home, too.
and they too, needed her. imagine that!
it was just like when we used to get together.
9 kids.
2 moms.
life called. so we said goodbye. later. we'll talk later. i thought it might be tomorrow. but now, i guess not.

deep breathe.

ok....that's better. the roast in the oven smells great. a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge to go with it. and i might even rent another movie. for my own sanity. :)

and the blizzard of 2011 continues....

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