Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Valentines this year...

i am a copy-cat extraordinaire.
i love to find ideas and COPY them.
hence, our recent NOOK project.
and our repurposed entertainment center last year at christmas.
and now valentines day.
it works for me.
i love to copy.
apparently lisa knows i love to copy.
because she recently sent me an email linking to this blog post.
so again...i copied.

super easy.
super cute.
and valentines are done.
thank you blogland.
i love your ideas!
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Farm-Raised said...

brilliant! am totally copying this next year!!

Holly said...

I saw those and totally tucked them away in my mind for next year!
LOVE yours!

Nana B said...

SO CUTE!!!! Love them....of course the super cute kids make 'em super cute...

Lisa Borglum said...

You did much better arm placement than I did! When I cut the slits for Macy's suckers, I had to cut her wrists...not good.

Candi said...

They ARE so so cute! Fun visual no doubt!! And yes, Donna, they are the cutest kids so why wouldn't they be the cutest cards... Lisa, bet no one noticed the cut in the wrists like you did... you are pretty critical of yourself I'm sure ;-) Happy Valentine's Day ALL!! Woohoo!

Trish said...

So cute, even though you borrowed the idea it's so creative!!

pam said...

oh my goodness. you are amazing.