Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something's gotta give...

i've had a couple people email and inform me that i haven't blogged lately.
i know. and i hate it.
but seriously, i just don't have time right now.
i think we are going through a transition time in our lives.
and something had to give. life. can see what i have chosen.
i do miss it.
but i am trying to soak up every single second with my kids and hubby because they are fewer than they used to be.
it takes everything to stay on top of family and housework and car repairs and relationships and supper and working out and weight watchers. i don't really have a spare second left.
jennie came today and did haircuts all around.
i washed all our bedding today...don't remember the last time i did that.
oh...PTO meeting on tuesday and i am volunteering at the kids' school on tuesday morning. i work all day wednesday. going to the maple syrup festival in cedar falls next weekend. get to see lisa and family AND becky and family.
very excited for that.
paul's gone all this coming week for work. he gets back friday night just in time to go to the festival with us.
and then we leave next wednesday for florida for a week.
beyond excited for that, too!!
so so much going on.
and not tons of time to get it all down on paper.
so there you have it.
the blog and email is what had to give.
maybe i can come up with a new method in the future, but for now, this is how is has to be.
love you all. :) miss you! :)
be back soon....


Beckysblog said...

im bitter

Amy said...

Miss you!

Deborah said...

Missing your posts, but your priorities rise to the top.
Good choice!