Wednesday, February 2, 2011

and inside...

the kids got out early and it was already starting to get kind of scary out.
we started a game of UNO. (we are still playing it today!)

i pulled the last pan of cookies out of the oven as the kids were walking in the door.
it was warm in here and smelled GOOD.

we started a fire.
rented a movie. (bonus of having Directv. and trust me...there aren't many bonuses in my book!)
cracked open a couple cans of fat tire...

and dug into some super yummy nachos!

it was a fun night. we had anxiously waited for what they called the SNOWMAGEDON.
and it lived up to the hype.
brigg even asked to sleep upstairs because he didn't want to be downstairs alone.
the wind was ROARING.
and the fire was warm.
fun night.
but tomorrow we'll be ready for reality.
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Candi said...

YUMMY!!!!! We had tacos... :) They didn't look near that good though! It was a bit ominous hearing the winds roar lasty night... Beautiful out there but wished they'd clean out our driveway... I feel trapped!

Jennie Peakin said...

Did you play the long version of UNO that I taught the kids when I watched them? It's way more fun! :)

Tisha said...

Your food looks SO GOOD!! I want to come eat at your house!