Monday, February 7, 2011

A few things this morning

*watched the super bowl last night. not a big nfl fan, but i never miss the super bowl. love the commercials. last night the doritos one where he licked his co-workers finger was my favorite. :) and i loved loved loved half-time show. fun! love the black eyed peas! and i felt bad for christina for skipping a line in the national anthem. as she was walking up there, i said "that is a lot of pressure! i don't care who you are!" now she gets to be criticized forever for it. just feel bad for her.

*my car is frustrating. we got totally SC%$WED i believe. more problems than i can count. lots of money to fix. LOTS. i am still without a car. don't know what we're going to do. 3 months. i've had it for 3 months. it's been in the shop for a good part of that time. annoying. anyway...moving on.

*ayla is sleeping awesome these days. she went through a rough spell, but seems to be over it. whew.

*got to go to andy's show on friday night. my only wish was that it was the andrew and jody landers project instead of just the andrew landers project. i really could have used a jody fix before she moved to washington state. but it's probably better. i was not feeling well AT ALL friday night. it was the first time i've been in a bar and just drank coffee and water. :) SO thankful for my sister and sean watching the kids AND the dog while we went to the show. and then putting us up for the night. it was nice. and everyone had a blast.

*this is the point in the winter season when i start thinking, "ok, i'm ready for spring." which works out great because in ONE MONTH we are heading to florida for a week. when we get back, spring will have almost sprung. february is hard in iowa! :)

*the nook is coming along nicely. not enough progress to post new pics yet, but paul DID get the 3 cubbies built and put in under the mattress. we're getting close.

*i joined online weight watchers last week. i have a thing with numbers. and this perfect for me. i love inputting my points after each meal. keeps me on track. plus, lots of fun tools on that site. we'll see how it goes, but i'm loving it so far. and i don't have to worry about getting to meetings, etc.

*cleaning. that's what's on the schedule for the day. lots of catching up to do on the cleaning front. so i'm signing off and staying off until tonight.

happy monday bloggity blog world!

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Jennie Peakin said...

We had fun having you all here!