Wednesday, February 2, 2011

she's an iowa girl through and through...

iowa girls know how to handle the cold.
if nothing else...we know how to handle the cold.
and it is COLD out there.
but lani stayed out there with paul and helped him shovel forEVER.
in payment, he played this game with her...

over and over.
her face is frozen a smile. :)
and yes, i realize it looks like he's throwing her into the basketball hoop pole, but it's an optical illusion.
she can take the cold.
she's tough.
and soooo cute.
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Beckysblog said...

is ur snow soft??

ours is like ice and that would hurt!!!!!

Sarah Guild said...

Many friends who are from warmer climates give me strange looks when I mention our outdoor adventures in the cold. Strange= you are a crazy mom looks. I guess I can claim that heritage as an "Iowa girl". :+)

Candi said...

Did you see the guy stop & look in the background as his neighbor(Paul) appears to be putting Lani in GRAVE danger!!?? FUNNY!!

Jennie Peakin said...

Ya, it totally looks like he's throwing her into the basketball hoop pole.

I may have a bit of mom in me because looking at those pictures makes me "toe nervous".

Beckysblog said...

oh my gosh. MY toes get nervous! I know what she means!

Cassie said...

you people are funny.
it wasn't scary at all!
and yes, the snow was soft. we don't have any ice. all snow!

Lisa said...

I agree with Becky, our snow is way too hard for that! Macy was walking across our drifts and not falling in at all. I love the neighor watching in the background... Hilarious!