Wednesday, February 16, 2011


oh...and the night before valentine's day i stayed up until after midnight making pj pants for the kids.
yeah...maybe should have thought that through a little more.
i'd never sewn anything other than straight lines around cloth napkins in my life.
it was supposed to take 20 min per pair.
so i gave myself an hour.
it took me over 3 hours.
i'm not good.
this is what they look like...

cute on ayla
but lani couldn't get them over her hips.
i almost cried.
but by the time i got to brigg's, i was a master. :)
his are perfect.
(and a completely different flannel fabric, but he was half dead on the couch, so i didn't get a photo of them.)

the sunday before valentine's day, mom had us all over for dinner.
it was so nice.
she set a cute table and got valentines for the kids.
and we had a blast.

not only valentine's day, but their 41st wedding anniversary!
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Candi said...

I LOVE Ayla's PJ pants!! They are adorable!! You did amazing for a novice seamstress!! You will conquer all you want in no time I know!! Wished I could see the other 2 pair, fitting or not! :)

Courtney said...

good job on the pants! i was the same way...took me forever at the 3rd it was so easy!