Sunday, July 17, 2011

The vineyard....

donna and 3 of the nieces and nephews left before noon.
tate was still with us though as we left for Ardon Creek.
They had live music and wine tasting.
we brought the kids and the dog.
we laid out a quilt and split a bottle of wine and then paul fell asleep.
Camp Cassie may have been a little too much for him. :)
the best part of our day?
donna and steve were there!!
so even though paul was sound asleep in the 100 degree weather, i got to chat chat chat with donna and steve! yay!!
and they also love playing with our kiddos!!

it was a great afternoon!
then sean met us there to pick up tate.
but he quickly realized that it was much to hot to pass up a dip in the pool.
so we all headed back to our house to take a swim.
sean, tate, donna and steve!
fun fun!!
a great end to a great weekend!
already planning for camp cassie next year!

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