Sunday, July 17, 2011

the rest of DAY 2...

what is camp without tie dye?
the kids loved it and my hands are going to be tie dyed for months.
guess they put those rubber gloves in there for a reason!

and then we had a group swim followed by a campfire at our park across the street.
paul cracks me up sitting in the background.

he is a professional wienie roaster, too! :

i'm serious.
he was awesome.
could NOT have done this without NANA B and PAUL.
this was not their idea, but they were amazing.
thank you!!

after the campfire we got the little ones to sleep and the big ones had a night swim.
they were so fun!

and really, the whole weekend went perfectly!
busy busy.
the "keep them busy every second of the day" strategy was a huge success!
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