Monday, July 25, 2011


stayed up well past 1 am stripping wallpaper. actually STEAMING wallpaper.
which made my room well over 200 degrees, i swear.
but it's off.
i just need to scrub the walls before i prime it.
can't wait for this room to look like OURS.
hoping to finish it before we leave on friday.

ayla got her hair CHOPPED off.
photos to come.
but i was just so tired of her screaming when i brushed it.
she finally agreed her life would be better with short hair.
she was right.
she is happy.

i've already checked 4 things off my list this morning! YAY!!
heading out to run errands this AM while brigg is at a play date all day.
dinner with friends tonight.
it IS margarita night at los lomas. sweet!!

got an email from my aunt moya. we are staying at their property next week in the rockies.
i almost teared up reading it. for real.
we LOVE them. we spent lots and lots of time with them when we lived in denver.
she remembers things that we love and mentioned them in her email to me.
and now i am officially bubbling over with excited of our arrival on saturday.
they will be at the property when we arrive on saturday with fixed tecates in hand...waiting for us. (don't ask what they are. you don't want to know. not for the weak!)
they are staying with us saturday and then we have the rest of the week on our own to explore.
so anxious to share our love of this place with our kids.
good thing i'm excited about starting a new job or we may have never come back. :)

busy week ahead.
all good.
can't wait.

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