Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camp Cassie...DAY 1

so here's the strategy...
keep the children BUSY every single minute of the day.
our schedule...

donna arrived at 5:00 with the last of the children.
i had supper ready and we were eating by 5:20 and out the door to an activity at saulsbury bridge by 5:50.
we are efficient. :)

we took all the kids down by the cedar river.
they got dirty.
and were perfect angels.
for real.
it was fun.
a million pics to prove it...

hadley was on my back the whole time.
barely made a peep.
it was awesome.
donna was in charge of drew.
worked out perfectly.
the rest of the kids were completely entertained and self sufficient!

(oh...and in case you are wondering...this was a city activity, so there are some random people in some of the pics!)

the whole crew minus donna...

yeah...we did baths...

when we got home it was baths and bed for the babies.
big kids had a night swim until 9:00.
then baths and bed.
i'm declaring day 1 a HUGE success.
i love them all so much!
and now i sleep.
because tomorrow's our long day!
and it may or may not involve a hike, a picnic, the splash pad, tie dying, swimming, a campfire and the trampoline.
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Candi said...

So glad it was a huge success! Wished I'd been around to share in the fun.... miss you Donna, haven't seen you for AGES!!!! Full life, so blessed but missed my kiddos and Brigg's birthday too :(!