Tuesday, July 26, 2011

oh my.

the following photo and words are completely unrelated.
i don't have time to think, let alone put together a good blog post.
this will have to do. :)

he's somethin'.

(and i STILL can't believe he's 10!)

speaking of swimming pools...
lani has swimmer's ear in BOTH ears
a double ear infection.
we have drops and antibiotics and ib prophen and tylenol.
her ear drops were $45 AFTER insurance.
highway ROBBERY if you ask me.

i purchased a couch for $5 at salvation army.
it's SWEET.
and 2 chairs and a rug.
all for my classroom.
it's going to be like a mini living room.
each week 5 students will be selected to sit there during our silent reading times or free times.
think it will work?
i hope so.
i don't want it to end up being a fight over whose turn it is.
i want to get a big bookshelve and a floor lamp as well.
it's going to be TOTALLY cute.

plus, i got SUPER adorable fabric to cover my bulletin boards and to make valences for my window.
i just want to get everything IN there. the weekend we come back from Colorado is when it will happen.
paul has agreed to help me.

today at the doctor's office the nurse came out to call lani's name.
ayla led the way.
the nurse looked her in the eye and said, "oh my! she's ORNARY!"
ya think??
it took her all of 2 seconds to know this about her.
it wasn't a question.
it was a flat out statement.
ugh...what are we going to DO with this child??

i have lots to do.
that was totally random.
but i wanted to get a few of these things down before i forgot.
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Lisa Borglum said...

Ornary...maybe, but it stops at that. I think she is sweet and adorable!! Wow, Lani..that sounds painful...thank goodness for medication!!

Kirsten said...

So, your 'mini living room' in your classroom. Does everyone get a turn to sit there? Then I would set up a poster schedule the first day of school specifying which students sit there during which week. Then if someone complains just point them to the schedule.

Cassie said...

yes! everyone gets a turn! we'll rotate by week. i'll have a schedule posted. that way i have control over picking the 5 to make sure they are ok together and everyone gets a fair turn. :)