Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Double Digits

A decade

It’s official.

As of today, Brigg, you have been on this earth for a decade.

That doesn’t seem possible!

(photo taken the day you came home from hospital, 2001)

10 years ago today, you made me a mother and my life has never been the same.

I remember hearing “It’s a BOY!” and the tears started flowing.

One of the best days of my life.

(9 months)

You are a gift. I felt it that day and I feel it even stronger today.

As we age, your dad and I agree that there are fewer and fewer things that we know 100%...without a doubt.

But one of the things that we are certain of is our love for you and your sisters.

It never waivers.

It grows deeper each and every day.

(5 years old)

You have shown us grace as we try and parent you…our first born…our only son.

You have taught us how to forgive and how to love deeply.

You have an excitement for life that we adore and a passion for people that is so unique.

Today our prayer for you is this…

That you grow to be a man of God. That you chase after Him with passion and zeal. We pray that you continue to have that confidence and zest for life but that it is balanced with humility and compassion. That you know we will love you no matter what.

(June 2010)

And we also pray that we don’t smother that fire in you.

The one that spurs you to ask a million questions and beg to do crazy things.

That we encourage you to grow in your faith and are examples of the traits we so deeply want to develop in you.

I pray that today, and always, you feel from the depths of your being that as a child of God, a son and a brother…




With all the we are, Buddy, we love you.
Happy happy birthday to you.
(sniff sniff...)
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Jennie Peakin said...

Oh Brigg, you taught me a love I never knew existed when you became my first nephew! Sean, Tate and I love you so much and are so proud of you. You are the most incredible 10 year old boy we know and we are constantly in awe of you!

We love you more than words can say. Happy Birthday!

Lisa Borglum said...

Seems like just last week that Brigg was born and we all adored every single move he made and every single breath he took! You have so much to be proud of with him but he is also fortunate to have two of the very best parents I know.

Happy, Happy 10 Birthday, Brigg! We love you so much!

Anonymous said...

I remember following Jennie from Msp to Ia to see him for the first time! Feels like yesterday!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to Brigg!!!!!

Sarah said...

That breaking the board video is the cutest thing ever!

Candi said...

Oh yes... my 1st grandchild, you are one special blessed little man and we all are given a great gift having you in our lives. Love for you is deep and true... I cannot believe you are TEN!!! Sigh.... Be the best you can be Brigg... God has given you many gifts.... use them wisely. I love you SO MUCH buddy!! So proud of you and wish you all the best.