Saturday, July 16, 2011

DAY 2...Wild Cat Den

it was up and at 'em fairly early this morning.
we wanted to get a hike in before the heat took over.
plus, paul (one of our very best couselors!), had an inspection at 1:00.
and we needed him.
you'll see why in a minute.

remember the toilet paper rolls i've been collecting?
this is what i used them for...

really only tate and ayla enjoyed them, but they were cute.

paul should be a nature guide.
he knows the best things.
and he's so patient with the kids.
and gives them all kinds of fun facts about things they find.
i love him.

i think they found some sort of cocoon here in this photo...

which was so perfect because just minutes before i had asked macy what she was going to look for to track in her nature journal and she said "a chrysallis".
i think 3 people said, "what's a chrysallis?"
and i said, "kind of like a cocoon!"
then paul found one.

and we set the timer for ONE group photo.
i'm pretty impressed.
most everyone looking and smiling.
because really, it was totally fun.

and one of the main reasons we needed paul...

we had a little "incident" yesterday.
ayla hurt her knee on the trampoline.
i don't think it's broken or anything, but it's very sore.
there was NO WAY she was going to be able to hike for any period of time on it.
so paul decided to use a stroller as a wheel chair.
it was hilarious at wild cat den.
not prime stroller terrain.
but he made it work.
did i mention i love him?

and drew got to be on paul's back all day.
which he HATED for about 2.4 seconds.
then he was all about it.


this is the FIFTH frog we have found this weekend...

best friends....

um yeah...we only use the VERY BEST couselors at camp cassie.

we stopped for granola bars and water bottles.

and much to my frustration, we left one of our VERY FAVORITE thermos water bottle by the water.
so annoying.
we love them, but they are not cheap and it makes me very irritated when we lose one.

a great day so far.
babies are sleeping babies.
and our rock star counselor, NANA B, is at the pool with the big kids.
i'm setting up our craft for this afternoon.
we are about halfway through the weekend already.
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Courtney said...

this is so fun! and you're going to be so glad you are documenting it! you and the kids and their parents will talk about it for YEARS!

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Sorry you are missing 2! We may have to take that into consideration for next summers trip. Looks like you are all having a great time.

Beckysblog said...

oh, Hadley.

I cant even come up with anything beyond that.

oh, Hadley.