Sunday, May 8, 2011

a wedding

went to a wedding yesterday.
seriously stunning bride....

of course ayla had to pee during the vows.
i kid you not.
it was an hour and 15 min wedding and she had to pee during the 5 minutes of vows.
i wanted to scream.
we missed it all.
i was so sad.
but that's ok.
it's ok.
i has to be ok.
there's no other choice.

but really...could the bride be ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL?!?
i think not.
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Candi said...

Oh no, she could not have been.... She was gorgeous and they make a darling couple.... the flowers were BEAUTIFUL! Great day too... weather-wise! The girls had so much fun at the dance... mostly Ayla, Lani was too reserved to whoop it up like most of us ;-) That's ok Lulu....we can't all be wild & crazy!! :)