Monday, May 9, 2011

this week.

it's kind of a big week for us!
we are so excited!
every year for the past few years we have taken brigg to a mlb game.
last year we decided we wanted to try to get to wrigley field.
but we are not cubs fans.
at all.
so the only way we could get brigg in that stadium is if the cardinals were also going to be there. :)
so we decided to try and get tickets to the cubs/cardinals game in chicago.
whis worked out AWESOME because leah recently moved to chicago!
and she recently got engaged!
and she now needs a wedding dress!
and someone to help her pick it out!!
and i'm available!!
funny how that worked out.
SO...i got to planning.
because honestly, i think i was a travel agent in a previous life.
i LOVE to plan trips.
i'm not kidding.
i find it theraputic.
anyway...i digress.
so i got to planning.
i saw that the cardinals played the cubs on wednesday night at 7 pm.
and then they play again on thursday at 1:20.
we decided to pull brigg out of school at noon on wednesday and head to chicago.
we found round trip train tickets into the city for all three of us TOTAL of $69. CANNOT beat that!
i researched the closest hotel to wrigley and booked a room there on priceline.
it's right by the EL train, so we can hop on the L when we get into the city and be dropped off right at our hotel.
then our hotel is less than a half mile from the we can WALK to the game.
and leah and jeff are going with us on wednesday!! it's going to be so fun!
we love love love hanging out with them!!
then on thursday i got 2 tickets for paul and brigg. we are going to eat breakfast at Uncommon Ground...which is now my favorite restaurant in the world! (thank you leslie!!)
and then leah and i are going to go wedding dress shopping while paul and brigg hit another game.
we hop back on the train at 5:45 thursday to head home.

one problem has come up....

brigg's not feeling great.
this took lots of planning and coordinating.
just hoping it's not ruined because brigg is sick.
he would be SO sad.
and so would we.
we have 48 hrs to get this boy healthy!!
and i also have 48 hrs to get all caught up on laundry...which may take a small miracle in and of itself.

moral of the story...if you need a trip planned, let me know. :)
but i can't promise your kids will be healthy for it!

happy monday...
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Heather said...

can you tell me where to stay within walking distance of busch stadium on July 29th :) thanks :) i search and find places but can't make a decision. just tell me where i need to stay. thank you. :) hope he is better SOON!!!!!

Cassie said...

if you aren't too concerned with price and you want the hotel by the stadium and want to know you are going to end up in a nice hotel, stay here...
do you have tickets yet? paul heard about some package i can tell you about if you haven't yet!

Farm-Raised said...

Have so much fun! Hope Brigg is better asap. Btw--your garden beds look AMAZING!!! After getting to know you and now your sister, I'm beginning to wonder: Is there anything you people cannot do???


Heather said...

yes, have tix. and i will check out that hotel. yes, i want nice and i want to walk to the stadium. thank you! have a great trip!!!

Beckysblog said...

Oh proud of you for taking Brigg to the promised land!


have a blast.