Thursday, May 12, 2011

im a master at public transit

First of all...the cardinals lost. Bummer.
There was an hour rain delay. It was coming down INSANELY hard. Fortunately I had purchased the very cheapest seats in the stadium. (And was teased relentlessly for it by my husband and son all night.) The most amazing seats were 2nd to the top row on the stadium. Thank goodness none of us are afraid of heights.
For real.
It was HIGH.
BUT it was also covered. So turns out we were protected when the torrential rains arrived.
And there was plenty of beer, soda and snacks on hand as we waited to finish watching the cardinals get slaughtered.
My boys were thanking me by the end of the night.:)
The severe storm passed and we walked home in nice weather.
Stopped at an awesome pizza joint and grabbed a pizza to go and ate it at midnight in the hotel room.
I had a big morning ahead of me.
This small town girl needed to navigate Chicago's public transit system.
My goal was to get to Leah's in the burbs from wrigleyville. I was up at 6:45 and out the hotel door by 735. Walked what seemed like 15 or 20 miles to the brown line. I was doing great. Figure I'd even have time to grab a coffee. Felt like a big city girl on the subway with all the morning business people. It was fun! :)
The we stopped and didn't move for like 10 min. Apparently we were waiting for a train in front of us. Ummm...I started to get a little nervous. I stilled needed to transfer to another train station and it was getting late. I needed to be at the other station before 8:40.
Got off the brown line and literally ran thru the streets of Chicago (with Keep igloo cooler over my shoulder...styling) and got to my last train at 8:41.
One minute late.
Missed the train.
2 hr wait until next one heads out to St. Charles.
In the mean time I had missed a call from my sub caller. By she had left a message.
So my heart is racing and a homeless man helps me find another train station and asks for some money.
Sweat is pouring down my face and my make-up OS running. I'm giggling kind of uncontrollably.
I call to get my messages and the one from the sub caller says "Cassie, they said you hadn't arrived at West yet. You must be running late. Call me."
Uuuummmmm....what?!? I'm jot subbing today! I'm in CHICAGO for heavens sake! Running around like a crazy person. I told you that!!!!!
So I called her and she apologized right away. She had forgotten to reschedule after I told her I couldn't do that day. But she got it taken care of. So I still have a job. :)
Got a hold of leah. She called and rescheduled her appt.
And I am now on a train.
With my fancy drink and a much better understanding of Chicago's public transit system.
I deserve that drink. Even got cool whip.
I couldn't make this stuff up.
Still love this place so much.
Off to wedding dress shop. Hope your day is much less eventful than mine has been so far!
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Lisa said...

All I can say is that I am jealous of your shoes and I am jealous that Leah gets to experience wedding dress shopping with you...oh and the fact that you are kid-less for a day in Chicago..

Sandi Street-Potter said...

What a great story to tell your grandchildren!LOL Go Cubs!(I couldn't resist!:)