Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tuesday night update

looooong day. just got home for the night less than an hour ago. i'm exhausted.
but there are some exciting things going on that i want to quick post about while i'm watching my dvr'd American Idol and thoroughly enjoying the cool breeze blowing in my windows.
first of all, shout out to my sister-in-law and amazing friend lisa. she's turning like 21 today. (or something like that. give or take a couple years!)

also, AWESOME news on The Adventure Project home front. i texted Jody quick after work today and gave her a hard time. because she's stressed. and she makes me laugh when she's stressed. i said, "so, has bill gates emailed you yet? or perhaps lived chatted you on the website?" she told me to go away. (that's word for word). then LITERALLY one hour and 13 minutes later she texted me back: "BAM! gates tweeted us." hilarious and SO awesome. and honestly, i'm not a bit surprised. if you haven't started an about.me page, you really should. so easy. 5 minutes TOPS. if you need help, please email me. i'll hook ya up. :) the number is approaching 2oo and we need 1000 by tuesday. no problem. right? go check out my sister's blog. she's doing a giveaway for anyone who sets up an about.me page!!

my interview is scheduled. and i don't want to talk about it. it's stressful. a "panel" interviewing me. a lesson taught to students while the said panel observes. not awkward at all. nope. ugh. i'm sick about it. i'm not discussing it again until it's all over.

lani had her piano recital on sunday. so cute. she did great. pics to come.

willow got SHAVED. she had some mats in her beard and ears. we decided we wanted them GONE. so she's shaved. paul decided we can't take her out in public for like 2 months. she's hysterical.

house is trashed. i'm tired. more storms coming. supposed to camp this weekend, but not sure it's going to happen. we may just put a tent up in the backyard. our community pool opens this weekend and the kids are excited about that. and i could use 3 days at home to get our lives back in order. we'll see.

off to toss and turn in bed. i'm so unable to sleep. and it makes me crabby. dang interview!!!

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Sarah said...

Pictures of the dog might make all our days a little brighter! :)