Monday, May 16, 2011

and the week begins...

saturday was brigg's last soccer game of the season.
i was ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief thinking things might slow down a bit.
fat chance.
checked my calendar and lani starts softball games today. (she HAS been practicing for a few weeks now, but games start tonight).

speaking of calendars...
i was thinking about this the other day.

i always used to want to be that person who had a planner with her at all times.
totally organized.
color coded for each member of the family.
meals, grocery lists, games, meetings, etc.
and for the past several years i have purchased a planner for the year.
january was always so organized.
february i started forgetting to add things and then i'd miss something because i thought everything was on my planner and it wasn't.
and by march it was tucked away in a drawer.
well those days are OvEr.
apparently when you get a job that is at a different location every day of the week and at different times and for different teachers along with 2 kids that are in 8 activities between them and a husband who has a second job with random times and you are the PTO president and a have a dog that is in doggy obedience school, you actually USE a planner.
i feel naked without it.
i am that person.
although i can promise you it is not color-coded.
and there are scribbles ALL OVER it.
but you will find meal plans and grocery lists and important events.
i put everything in it.
and i love it.

so i just got brigg all dressed and sent off to his baseball game with paul.
lani is now in full softball uniform and ready to head out the door.
it's amazing what goes into getting them ready.
clean uniforms.
water bottles.
softball/baseball gloves.
baseball caps.
and then snacks and drinks for ayla.
make sure the dog is fed and watered before we head out the door.
we LITERALLY have to eat supper at 4:00.
who does that???
all i can say is we didn't refuse our neighbor's offer of s'mores by the campfire tonight when we return.
we'll be starving again by then!! :)

and i subbed at the HS today. i think mine was the only minivan in the parking lot. which i found funny.
i feel 18 but yet i am a minivan traveleing baseball/softball/soccer/piano lesson/horseback riding lesson/football/basketball mom.
who'd a thunk it?


Holly said...

so true what it 'takes to get them ready'!!!
I feel like I put the same effort in to getting them ready as they do actually playing the sport!

Tisha said...

If you feel 18, you're pretty much on target. Because according to those sweet 5th graders (with incredibly good eyesight, by the way) you also LOOK about 18!

In my world, minivans are still cool. Try driving a maxivan. So very UNcool.

Jennie Peakin said...

It was so fun being able to watch Brigg play tonight!

Candi said...

We may go watch Bode play basketball tonight or Thursday not sure when yet... :) Can't wait to see LANI in action...that'll be different, she's usually all leaned into me on the bleachers!! HA!!