Friday, May 27, 2011

FUN stuff!!

a photo from lani's piano recital.
she was SO scared.
but she did great.
so proud of her...

got TWO emails today wanting me to set up pages for them.
i love you guys.
thank you so much.

are you on FACEBOOK??
this is kind of silly, but i reeeeeaaaallllyyy have been wanting a nook.
and it's not going to happen anytime soon.
unless i win one. :)
our public library is giving away a nook to the person who refers the most "friends" to their facebook page.
if you so wish, you can go to their page HERE and "friend" them.
once they accept your friend request, you must post on their wall "referred by cassie burback" for me to get credit.
if you have a minute, that would be awesome.
if not...I UNDERSTAND. :)

also. so really great people that are part of the adventure project put together some fun videos.
THIS ONE shows you how to set up your page in 2 minutes flat.
THIS ONE is just a creative way some girls in virginia are getting people to sign up for the #oneto1000 campaign.
i LOVE it!! so much!
love this community.
love the creativity.
love the passion.
you should join us!!

we are not camping.
and i'm fine with it.
brigg's having a sleepover tomorrow night.
we'll have a campfire out back.
our swimming pool opens sunday.
can't wait for that!
and we have a long weekend at home with no plans.
it was just too temping.
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Beckysblog said...

I dont blame her for being scared...really they need to sit THAT close to her?! geesch!

Lisa Borglum said...

Aww...she doesn't look scared a bit! What song did she play? She looks right at home behind a piano.
Macy has hers next Friday....she claims she is not scared but I think she will change her mind with the gym is packed full of parents and kids...haha!