Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Vacation 2012

I haven't blogged in a month.
So shoot me.
We aren't going to discuss that.
We are heading right into Burback Family Vacation 2012
Which happens to take place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
LAST YEAR The Dirks family posted a photo of the house they were renting in Michigan for their family vacation.  I emailed Becky immediately and asked for all the details.  There was another house for rent 8 miles from the one they were renting and we decided to BOOK IT.
That was 6 months ago.
A lot has happened in 6 months.
Things got crazy and I would have never thought about booking our family vacation in the past few months.
So this trip kind of crept up on me at the EXACT right time.
The opportunity came up for me to attend an awesome conference in St. Louis the few days before our trip.  I couldn't turn it down, so I prepared way in advance.
On Saturday I got home from St. Louis at 5:00 pm.
I switched some thing from bag to bag and we were on the road by 6:00.
We pulled up to our rental at what we thought was 3:30 am. But with the time change turned out to be 4:30 am.  After unpacking some things and crawling into bed, I watched the sunrise over Lake Superior from my bedroom window.
Kind of awesome, kind of exhausting.
As soon as we opened our eyes we started exploring.
The kids hopped on their scooters and took a look around.
This is our cabin with the lake behind it...
 This is our backyard.
Which happens to be sand.
And an amazing view....
And this is the back of the house from the firepit area.
 Sunday was WARM.
The kids were not afraid to hop right in the lake.
(neither was the dog!)

Turns out we kind of love the upper peninsula.
It's like a giant campground around here.
Perfect for the Burbacks.
So we finished looking around and hopped in the car to go meet the Dirks' at a beach.
We learned a lot about the U.P. on day one.
Not all fabulous.
More to come on that...

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Courtney said...

i'm loving "following" your vacation on instagram and facebook through you AND becky! :-) those FLIES!