Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2 - Miners Falls

can you say GORGEOUS??
For real.
I wanted to cry it was so amazing.

We had to hike a short way and get some funny looks from fellow hikers as our 2 families kind of combined into one sort of strange family-like unit.  It was hysterical.  Then suddenly we were like, "What? This is IT? We hiked to a look-out point??  Um...I think not."
 See that railing behind us in the above photo?
Yep...you guessed it. We jumped it. WHY NOT? We only had 7 kids in tow. (Becky stayed up top with a baby strapped to her back.  Geez...we aren't completely crazy!)
We all made it safe and sound down the mud-slide, rock-climbing type trail thingy. :)
Looking up from the bottom (below photo) you can see the "look-out" point and then Jordan's butt as he helps the last child down.
 And believe me...it was WORTH it! We could have stayed down here for hours! We climbed rocks and took photos and played in the water.  It was hot out and there was a constant mist on you.  So fun!

 Another Burback Family Photo session. :) This one is my favorite so far...
We realized at the waterfalls that they flies appeared to be gone.  Even though Becky was wearing the 325 war wounds on her legs to prove that they had been there.  She actually called her doctor and he called in a prescription for her to get her through the next few days.  Her legs look horrible.  I gotta hand it to her...she hasn't complained AT ALL! So impressive!

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