Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1 - The Flies

 After we got the big kids all sent off on the kayaks we decided to head down the beach on a walk.
The thought occurred when we found that we could not keep these GIANT MUTANT flies off of us in the sand.
I'm not kidding.  They were THICK.
We were kind of giggling at first.
But for some reason Becky and Tori were covered with them.
So we walked.

But Becky kept squealing.
And I looked down at her legs and they were covered.
I promise you...this photo does NOT do the problem justice.
I count thirteen on her legs in this picture.
But I swear to you at one time there may have been no fewer than 50.
They were crazy mutant flies reminiscent to  HUNGER GAMES tracker jackets.
shortly after I took that photo, Becky gave up.
She had to.
Tori was crying and saying OW!
So the two of them went back to the car.
I captured this photo of the big kids kayaking with that gorgeous back drop...
I wanted to snap a couple photos for Becky of her adorable kids...but only got this one before my batteries went dead.
 And even through the stable flies and warnings of rescues when kayaking near pictured rocks, we had a fabulous time with amazing friends.
so many laughs.
such a beautiful day.
And we had no idea how much fun was to come!

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