Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3 - Au Sable lighthouse

we found our way to a closer path to the light house and took off.
we are quite the crew on these hikes.
too funny...
 it was still very cold...but gorgeous.
the lake seriously could have been confused with the ocean.
look at those WAVES...
 the hike was 1.6 miles in.
when the light house came into sight, the kids started sprinting towards it.
the blue skies and green trees were almost too much...
 and then we saw the light house.
we thought we were going to get to tour.
um...nope. they weren't open.

 i had to post this photo.
lani did this and yelled "hey mom! does it look like i'm holding up the light house?"
ha! no...not so much, lani.  but i LOVE you!
 the kids were pretty bummed about the light house tour kabosh.
so we continued on the path a little ways and decided, once again, it is best to blaze your own trail.
 and thank goodness we did.
because we found the most beautiful beach in michigan.
i am CERTAIN of it.
 this beach called for another family photo session.
and more of my favorite pics from this trip.

 we stayed there for quite some time...until the baby informed us it was time to GO.
on our way back to the car, i saw this sign...
would have been nice to know a couple days ago.
but thanks.

we decided it had been a long, chilly day and we all needed a night at home to relax.
and that we did. 
we set up shop in our back yard...forever known as the Burback Family Beach.
paul and i sat there and listened to the kids playing and laughing for hours.
we ate supper outside.
soaked it all up.
because heaven knows reality is going to set in SOON.
day 3 was another great day.
i can't tell you the feel this vacation has.
so thankful.
feeling so refreshed.

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Courtney said...

wow! what a BEAUTIFUL beach!