Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3 - The Log Slide

so day three was COLD.
like 50 degrees cold.
we decided it would be a good day to travel to a lighthouse that was 40 miles away.
our first stop was the log slide.
and these two were adorable...
the kids marched right up this sand dune, yelling from the top that they wanted to slide down the other side.  they thought it looked fun.  we considered it.  we walked up to look over.
once at the top we realized you really couldn't see where it went.  so we decided against it.  someone had said it takes seconds to slide down but hours to climb up.  we thought they were exaggerating, but used our better judgement and decided not to allow it.
we then read this sign.  in short...don't slide down. resue is difficult and may take a long time because of the location.  the last line is the best...DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC.
we started laughing and they children wanted to know exactly what a statistic was.

we told them  to come down...we weren't going to become a number and we headed down the path to walk to the lighthouse.
the baby was super excited about it all...
 we came to another lookout where we could see what was actually on the other side of the log slide.  the actual "slide" that we considered letting the kids slide down.  oh my goodness.  we laughed HARD at this.  seriously...this could have been the day trip nightmare.  thank goodness we said no! pretty sure our crew would have needed rescuing!
this was also the point where we realized the lighthouse was 3 miles in.
6 miles round trip.
yeah...we got in our car and drove a little closer before we started that hike. :)

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