Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 4 - Kayaking at Burback Family Beach

it was decided that today would be a day of kayaking/relax on the burback family beach day.
whoever decided this was GENIUS.
we simply plopped down in lounge chairs in our back"yard" and chilled.

 we had all the kayaks out and ready to go.
different people would go at different times. flower child. :)
 wow...that is a lot of kayaks.
 at one point becky said "hey cas...what time is it? i'm guessing 3:00."
we hadn't even considered supper.
so we cleaned out the fridge.
paul started a fire and we roasted the rest of the hot dogs.
so relaxing.
great conversation.
laughter galore.
everyone just gelling perfectly.
i wouldn't change a thing about today.
and i'm going to avoid mentioning that tomorrow is our last full day.
we are renting a pontoon tomorrow.
stay tuned.
could get interesting in the U.P.


Candi said...

OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous setting!!! SO happy 1/3 of my children were having an amazing time.... the other 2, not so much :/ Chris & Brenda stranded, Jennie stripping wallpaper... quite the contrast!! Your pics are WONDERFUL and I just discovered them this morning!! You haven't blogged for SO long I haven't even checked for ages!! ;] Enjoy the rest of your trip and get home safely!!

Beckysblog said...

What in the world am I doing to that hotdog behind Paul!?!?