Tuesday, June 7, 2011

so...what's up??

lots going on around here!
we finished up piano lessons and are taking the summer off.
just going to have the kids practice a couple times a week and then start back up in september.
lani is still in softball. that goes through june.
and like it or not, she's pretty good. :)

but honestly, she doesn't love it.
she asked yesterday how many games were left.
i think she's over it.
but she's cute as can be out there.
baseball is still going strong and brigg's team is slowly improving.
it's so fun to watch!
and we absolutely love his coach and his teammates.
it also goes through june with state being the first weekend in july.

today was awards ceremony day at school.
AND it was the last day of school.
lani got a few awards and was glowing.
she's just so sweet...

brigg also got a couple awards and was equally as excited, but just better at hiding it. :)
he did NOT however get the presidential fitness award that he was hoping to receive.
SO...as soon as we got home from school he set up the chin-up bar in his doorway and got to work.
he's been doing chin-ups and push-ups and sit-ups and sprints around the perimeter of the house all day long.
he's on a mission for next year.
he's so funny.

and this is my view about every day now.
water, sunblock, absorbine jr, my phone and my camera on the table by the pool.
we are there every single day.
and it's amazing.
i love summer!!!
and it has finally arrived!

the kids love it even more than i do.
can't tell you how much we love this neighborhood.
so happy.

and i have interviewed for a 1st and 5th grade teaching position.
i'm still waiting to hear back.
hoping i get an answer this week.
but i've also applied for another position at a different school as well.
feeling pretty peaceful that it will turn out the way it is supposed to.
it will be nice to have some things figured out for the fall though.

other than that we have been at baseball games regularly.
lani's in LOVE with horseback riding lessons.
paul's still doing inspections on a regular basis.
we had paul's mom visit last weekend. (i didn't take a single picture!)
our garden is looking awesome. (other than the spinach!)
we are planning some fun things for the summer.
things like "Camp Cassie" for my local nieces and nephews, a trip to colorado with the kids, some camping adventures, and a kayaking trip or two as well.
the kids are at really fun ages and i'm just soaking it all up.
as i sat in the steamy gym this afternoon during the awards ceremony, my eyes filled with tears on more than one occasion for more than one reason.
the atmosphere in there was just so exciting. such love for these kids from their teachers.
such a great feeling of family in there as the kids laughed and sang along to the songs on the memory video from the year.
can i just say i am BEYOND excited to continue this journey in the public school system.
there are some incredible teachers out there and i can't wait to be in their presence on a daily basis.
such an honor to be part of that group.
so thankful tonight.
just so thankful...
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Jennie Peakin said...

I know that view by the pool isn't completely accurate because I don't see a beer...or did you leave it in the bathroom? ;)

Amy said...

Christian teachers in the public school is such a happy thing. Hoping you'll join the ranks full time. And 1st grade?! :)