Sunday, June 19, 2011

Date afternoon/night...

so paul and i had date night last night.
and let me tell was awesome.
i lined a babysitter up for 2:30. the afternoon.
i wanted to go here without kids...

we had been here a week or 2 ago and i couldn't concentrate with all the children.
and i knew i would thoroughly enjoy it alone.
or at least with paul.
and i was right.
it was so awesome.
everywhere i turned there was amazing inspiration.
i want this on my wall....

oh...and did i mention i wore lipstick? was a big big deal. :)

and i'm not kidding.
it was just plain...

here is just a sampling of little pieces of inspiration that surrounded me while i was there.
i couldn't stop taking photos.
even just little pieces of paper with encouraging words on them hanging in hidden spots.
i nearly cried on numerous occasions...

after our stop in kalona,
we hopped back in the car and headed to iowa city for the rest of the night.
see...lipstick still applied.

we had plans to stop for a drink and then grab dinner somewhere fun.
but once we found ourselves in this awesome beer garden, we didn't move.
sat there for hours.
talked, laughed, ate and drank RANGER on tap.
(that's a rare find in our parts!!)
we were giddy.

found our way home feeling happy and thankful.
i love this guy so much.
i'm not sure i tell him enough.
he's awesome.
and we need to do this more often...
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Beckysblog said...

oh cas, I love you.

Candi said...

Yup... looked like a great time and I know the kids enjoyed too! : ) I LOVE those special times alone with Larry... it is of course more frequent for us, but your day will come. You looked GREAT...lipstick & all ;-] and happy and not stressed.... enjoying God's creation.... the MANY inspirational words you photographed.... powerful and so appropriate!! LOVED them.

meg duerksen said...

you look beautiful cassie!!!
love the shirt and those photos!

KP said...

You look great in lipstick!! I drive past that place every day and I've never stopped... Brother's pizza is good, too!

Farm-Raised said...

love that sign. remind's me of the aardvark manifesto (google it!). i picked up 10 canning jars for you! a whopping $2 -- you owe me a can of salsa. ha!