Tuesday, June 14, 2011

checking in...

sore throat...i have one. but i think it's getting better. not fun.

sleepover...brigg's going to one tonight.

lunch...we're having it with jennie and tate and mom in davenport.

groceries...i need to get them today. and a blow dryer.

jobs...there are a couple opportunities popping up. i'm excited!!

visitors...i think i'm having some thursday and friday. yay!!

date...paul and i are having one on saturday. starting at 2. we are stopping by a couple places in kalona and ending up in iowa city. SO excited. we need it.

repairs...our camper needs them. ugh. the motor is making funny noises when we try to pop it up. they said $200 just to DIAGNOSE the problem. 3-4 weeks before parts would come in and it would be finished. um yeah...that's about the end of summer. did i say ugh? yeah...i did. not sure what we're going to do about that.

laundry...i'm almost all caught up. for the day at least.

off to meet my sister and mom! have a great tuesday!!

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