Wednesday, June 29, 2011

and it was the most beautiful thing ever

so this could get a little long.
warning...lots of photos to follow.
and i hate that they don't even begin to do this place justice.

we spent all day yesterday in the city.
it was a blast.
but we decided to switch gears today and wear our tennis shoes.
we filled some water bottles and threw some snacks in a bag and started driving.
no plan.just drive in the general direction of the mountains and see where it takes us.
this was our view as we drove.

we hit Hamma Hamma Rd and Jody said, "Oh, that sounds fun!"so we turned.
and we drove a few more miles.
we hit a sign that said "Lena Lake Trail" and decided to stop.
this is what we saw.

and we thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.
we started hiking knowing that Lena Lake was 3 miles away.
we had no idea what to expect.
and it was like we were on a movie set.
so quiet.
almost scary.
as you can see...we were super scared.

we walked for what felt like 15 miles and then we heard water flowing.
jody said, "Oh! I think I hear it!"
only you can't actually HEAR a lake.
but sure enough as we walked further, the sound of water got louder.
and by the time we got here, it was roaring.
and we thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.

we decided that certainly wasn't a lake.
so we continued on and came to this super cute bridge.
and we thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.

then jody decided we should lay on the ground and become one with the earth.
ok...not really.
but she did think we should take photos of the trees...from the ground.
so we stopped and did that.
and i just kept saying, "seriously...this is the most beautiful thing ever!"

every corner we turned we found new and amazing sites.
i was at the point where i seriously could have started crying at any giving moment.
it was...
wait for it...
the most beautiful thing ever!

but then.
then we rounded a corner and saw this...

and it was like the definition of breathtaking.
i honestly sucked in my breath and felt the tears.
so gorgeous.
i wish you could hear the silence and smell the trees.
and as for today, that sight was the most beautiful thing ever.

at the edge of the water there were the most incredible campsites i've ever seen.
and paul and i will one day have a date here.
i promise.

oh thank you lena lake.
you were amazing today.
it was a day i will never forget.
and i swear we will be back.
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Candi said...

I KNOW.... been there and said it was the most beautiful place I'd ever been!! Don't you remember me exclaiming that whenever we speak of beautiful places!! I know your feeling and I know your sights.... amazing beyond belief...sigh!! Glad you got to experience that.

meg duerksen said...

that is SO COOL.
what a beautiful place and to be able to be there with jody is awesome!