Monday, June 13, 2011

shots from the garden...

it's gRoWIng!!!
and i'm so excited!
we have buds and the beginnins of veggies.
i love zucchini.
nearly instant gratification.
makes you feel like a master gardener!!

and beets.
paul's favorite.
can't wait til they are ready!!


rows and rows of tomatoes and peppers.
i see lots of canning in my future.
donna?? you going to be up for a trip to muscatine in august? :)
i have no idea how to can!

brussel sprouts!
this is my favorite plant.
so fun to look at!

see the little white flower?
that means the peppers will be arriving soon!
and this makes me so happy.

and honestly, the whole thing makes me so happy.
it's such a fun time together as a family...working in the garden.
i'm pretty sure we were meant to live in a diffent era.
but that's ok.
we're enjoying this one to the fullest.
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Candi said...

Cassie, are you SURE you're my daughter....?? : ) JK'ing!! I love the bounty AFTER the work is done.... love eating FRESH veggie's ...mmmmm mmmm !!

Nana B said...

Not sure my canning processes would be today's acceptable practices....just like raising kids, everything changes!! :)