Friday, June 24, 2011


i feel like linking the "It's Friday" utube video, but i don't have time. so just sing it in your head.

we are heading out for storm lake for the weekend.
so excited to hang out with the whole burback side.

it is GORGEOUS outside.
spent the morning in the garden. got caught up on weeding.
oh...and did you know there's a group of ladies in my neighborhood who do water aerobics monday, wednesday and friday mornings at 8:30 am? probably not. :) but i have been joining them. it's totally fun. and it doesn't hurt my back. added bonus. so after weeding i got to do water aerobics for an hour.

we are hitting up the library real quick this morning before we head out. brigg is finishing up his last book as the girls and i are showering and getting ready for the day.

i'm a 5th grade teacher. still giddy.

i hit up salvation army yesterday and got some things for my classroom. yes...i have a classroom. how awesome is that?!? :)

got brigg signed up for a 1 day Creighton Baseball Camp. he's so excited. and paul is about as excited as brigg. i think he's wishing he could take the day off and sign up for the camp himself.

we are planning and planning our trip to colorado. SO excited. we're talking a Rockies game, natural hot springs, horseback riding, tubing down the river, fishing and hiking up to a quartz mine. i literally teared up last night as i thought of our whole family in colorado together. we LOVE it so much there. like LOVE LOVE LOVE it! and we can't wait to do all these fun things with the kids there.

now i need to go clean out the car. and pack. and feed my children. and make my bed. and finish a load of laundry. and get to the library. happy weekend.