Tuesday, July 10, 2012


so much going on.  i'm just going to start typing.
we have been traveling like crazy this summer.  obviously.  our time at home is precious to us though.  we get so much use out of our community pool.  when we are home we try to hit it at least once a day.  oftentimes 3 times a day. :) our favorite are night swims...when it's just US.  in the dark.  somehow i think the kids get along better when they can't really SEE eachother's faces. :)

ayla has started dance.  she loves it.  like seriously loves it.  she is such a good listener there.  the other day her shoe had come undone and she wouldn't take her hands off her hips to fix it because the teacher had told her to keep her hands on her hips.  too cute. i'm the worst dance mom on the planet, but i am always willing to suck it up and forge ahead when it involves my kids loving something.  we'll see if she misses it after summer.  i'm going to try to get away with JUST summer dance this year.  we'll see.

paul turns 40 on july 31.  seriously.  old man. :) i begged him to do something fun.
like go on a trip.
(my favorite thing to do!!)
but i remembered that we weren't actually celebrating MY birthday and i let him decide.
all he wants is to stay home.
how did we end up together??? :)
so we are having a pool party.
just family.
a little golf in the morning.
food and swimming in the afternoon.
nothing fancy.
darn it!

brigg turns 11 on friday. (yes...friday the 13th.  and actually he was BORN on friday the 13th.  fun!)
we are going to just do cake and celebrate his and my nephew bode's birthdays on friday.
then saturday we are packing up and heading to minneapolis. (he's his mother's son!)
we are going with 2 other families and going to a Twin's game on saturday night.
sunday morning we will get up and head to the color run!!!
SO PUMPED about this!!!
watch the video and you will be, too!

if you are interested in running your own color run, check out the website here!

lani is just lani.  goes with the flow.  LOVES swimming.  hasn't been doing too much horseback riding this summer.  just relaxing.  so sweet.  such a blessing to our family.

and i am working quite a bit.  i'm on a couple committees.  getting anxious for the upcoming school year.  going to do things SO DIFFERENT this year!  i'm PUMPED! lots of planning and prepping for it this summer, but i will be ready for the school year to begin in august!!

still dreaming and dreaming and dreaming about buying a big piece of land and building a tiny house in the middle of it.   you can check out all of my ideas and dreams bouncing around in my head on my pinterest board HERE.

that's all for now.  i need to go pick up willow from the groomer and my car from it's oil change. 
happy halfway through summer!! :)
i'll try to be back soon!


Beckysblog said...

like i didn't miss you enough?

Tisha said...

LOVE, love, love the update! I have missed seeing you here! Glad you're having such a great summer. :-) Such a fan of the tiny houses too. And, the people who live in them. I can't wait for you to get one!! ;-)

Candi said...

WOW... the Color Run looks amazing and something you will ALL LOVE!! Have a GREAT time!!!!!! : ) Wished I was a runner now... :(