Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do you know Paul?

If you don't, you should.
I'm not kidding.
You would love him.
Shortly after Paul and I started dating, I was working at Dillards in Waterloo.  This woman came in with a little newborn.  I asked his name.  She said "Paul!"
I thought this was interesting because you don't hear of a lot of babies named Paul.
I asked her if it was a family name or had any meaning and she simply said, "Ya know, when we were coming up with names I told my husband I had never met a Paul I didn't love!"
True story.
And it holds true for my Paul.
As a matter of fact I have been know to say aloud, "Everybody that meets Paul loves him...sometimes it's almost annoying!" (totally kidding, OF COURSE!)
And MY Paul turns 40 today. (what?!?!  is that even possible?? that's OLD! :))
Paul is exceptional.  He is by far the most humble man I have ever known in my life. He never tells you what he's good at. He has a calm, quiet, strong presence about him.  Perfectly suited for me...seeing as I may have the exact OPPOSITE presence about me.
It may take a little while to get to know him.  But when you do, you find that his dry sense of humor and quick wit can may you laugh harder than you have ever laughed in your life.
I love that about him.
He is the absolute perfect role model for our kids.  Especially Brigg. He knows how to take care of and love his family. If Brigg turned out exactly like him, I would be ecstatic.
He is the glue to our family.  Our rock.  Our constant support.  Our strong foundation.
And I love him.
And I really have no idea what I did to deserve him.  But I am thankful.  Thankful that God helped us find eachother and that Paul continues to put up with me after all these years.
Happy 40th, Paul. 
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for supporting us and love us and making our dreams YOUR dreams.
With all that we are, we love you....


Beckysblog said...

Happy Birthday Paul!
I love it that my friend found the PERFECT match for her. (and yes, I pray for you a lot Paul!)

Candi said...

Oh Paul... Happy Happy Birthday to you !!!!!! I sent a post party e-mail to your mom... told her just about the same things about you Cassie described...truly! You can ask her!! : ) So so blessed to have you as my son in law and the father to my beautiful 3 grandchildren and Cassie's amazing husband!! You are one special guy and yes it's true... EVERYONE loves Paul!! Amen Amen Amen !!!

Holly said...

'paul' was one of our boy names...ya know...fer when we had a baby BOY! HA!


and cheers to your awesome marriage!
LOVE that even more!