Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camp Cassie 2012

I set the date months ago.
Because honestly, we all lead busy lives.  And it's so easy to get caught up in life and pass over these kinds of things.  I know it would have turned out to be "shoot! we just don't have time to fit it in!" if we didn't plan in months in advance.
And trust me...I don't want to miss this weekend.
I'm not gonna's not simple.  It's not about just ME or MY kids.  It's a group thing.  Lots of personalities.  Lots of potential problems. Lots of planning and preparation.
And lots and lots of fun! :)
9 kids ranging in age from 2-11.
COMPLETELY impossible without my MIL, Donna and my hubby.  And this year, my babysitter, Molli.

This year is declared a success!
Seriously.  As perfect as it could have been with this many young kids.
I plan the crap out of things.  EVERY SINGLE MINUTE planned.
But I am also super flexible.  I don't think for a second that we will get through everything.  But I want to have plans so we don't have TIME to run into conflicts.  and works.  When they are busy they don't have time to drive each other nuts.

We get together as families a lot.  I love my family and my inlaws.  So much that when I am with them, I just want to be WITH them.  We kind of leave the kids to enjoy each other and we do the same.  And it works.  We always have fun.  But usually when we go our own ways, I feel like I haven't gotten any time with my nieces and nephews.  So this is a different kind of weekend.  It is ALL about the kids.  Every single second.  Impossible to do every time we gather, but fun to do once a year. :)

As Donna and Paul can attest, it is madness.  Seriously.  It takes buckets of energy. From the adults mostly. We don't have time to chat and catch up.  We don't lounge around and have drinks and laugh at stories.  We do activities.  One after another.  And I take photos.  And hopefully we create tons of memories.  Looking back at the photos today, I can see that fun was had. And the feeling in my heart is awesome.  I love them all more today that I did Friday afternoon, if that's possible.

So I'll leave you with one photo for now. Timer. Wild Cat Den. Hiking. Picnic. The ONLY photo of everyone.  I love it.  More fun stories to come.
But for now....YAY for Camp Cassie 2012.
(now i'm going to go nap...)

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Amy said...

I love this idea! And I have no doubt that your nieces and nephews love it, too! What awesome memories you are making with them!