Friday, July 13, 2012

Brigg. Now 11.

i say it every.single.year.
"this is my favorite age"!
i swear i have felt that from day 1 with this child.
i'm beginning to think it's just the child. and his nature. and the ease of parenting him. :)
i've been pretty reflective the past couple weeks on the relationship i have with brigg and why.
he's my only special.
his exudes excitement for life...i love that.
he loves people and chaos and laughter and do i.
he possesses the perfect blend of light-heartedness, passion, wit, silliness, intensity, and joy.
i simply adore him.
ADORE him.
and today he is 11.
i could almost cry.
i'm not sure if they would be tears of sadness because he is growing up right before my very eyes or tears of happiness because of the young man he is becoming.
i wish i could push the pause button and just soak this time up with him.  i know the day is coming where he finds me annoying and embarrassing.  but today.  right now in this's the perfect age in my book.
he still loves me.
and tells me.
and hugs me.
and likes to be with me.
and laughs with me.
he hugs me and throws me the "i love you" sign at least once a day.
he knows when i'm frustrated and he'll grab my hand and squeeze it.
he seems to know just the right thing to say to me when my own intensity and passion rises to the surface and then overflows.
like i said "this is my favorite age".
and i mean it.
Brigg Thomas,
From the deepest parts of our hearts, we love you.  Your laugh is infectious, your intensity pairs perfectly with your love of life.  From that first moment we saw your face and heard your small cry, we were smitten.  Big brother, first born, only wear each hat gracefully and perfectly.  As the years pass and we see you growing into this mini-adult, our prayer for you grows as well. That you heart is filled with God...the one who created you and loves you more than your dad and I can even fathom. That in your presence, those around you can feel His love through you.  That you take the gifts HE has given you and use them to the fullest for His glory.  That you hold none of it back...just like you give it all on the baseball field or the basketball court, we pray that you freely hand out all that love, compassion, and joy for life to everyone you meet.  That you grow completely into the man of God that we know you have the potential to be.
Big prayers and dreams for a 65 pound boy with a giant heart.
We have no doubt you will fulfill them all.
With everything that we are...we love you.
Happy birthday.
Happy happy birthday.

Mom and Dad


Beckysblog said...

Happy Happy Birthday Brigg! We think you are pretty awesome too!

Candi said...

Oh my... you are indeed a special little man that I love oh SO much!!! You are the 1st grandson and are a great example of being a kid and a mature person beyond your years... You do see deeper, feel stronger and accept wisely the people around you. It is no doubt, my greatest hope for you sweet boy, that you are a God filled person who truly lives your life as such... Happy 11th Birthday Brigg!! Happy happy happy Friday the 13th, just like the day you were born... : )
Nana S :)