Tuesday, July 10, 2012

and now some photos to go along with the words in the previous post

so we are teaching our kids to be misfits.
it's our hope and dream for each of them.
shouldn't be a huge stretch for a couple of them...but one..we are really going to have to push it! ;)
 and remember that land i have been dreaming about.
it looks like this.
minus the cows.
i'm not ready for cows.
but the trees...yes please.
and the creek...absolutely.
no cows though...
 brigg played in the state baseball tournament last week.
he looked like this on the way home.
always leaves it all on the field.
love him...
with my co-worker, cheryl.
math is our focus.
hard work...but so exciting.
i love this stuff.
i have officially found my sweet spot.
 oh my.
dance mom?
but man...she is adorable!
 we can often be found at the vineyard near our house on the weekend.
sunday a jazz band was there.
and the so were the burbacks.
baseball, wine and jazz.
perfect combo...
 after we got home from the state baseball tournament, we did this....
i swear...the kids is the energizer bunny.
never stops.
we have been feeding him protein shakes.
trying to "bulk him up".
wish us luck with that.

and there you have it.
our life in pictures.
and thank goodness for instagram.
i have barely touched my camera this summer.
but instagram has captured all those fun moments for me.
love it.
my favorite app for sure.
if you want to follow me, my user name is cassicab

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