Friday, February 24, 2012

it's friday. and we care.

ah yes.
2 hour late start.
beautiful snow making our lives a winter wonderland out in the middle of nowhere.
i was up at 5 for my morning meeting with jillian and didn't get the message until 6 of our late start. i loved it. relaxed and knew we'd be able to eat breakfast together. and chat leisurely.
rare are these days during the week.
we played "I Gotta Feeling" and jumped around the kitchen together while scrambling eggs and making toast.
we all got to school on time.
it's been a crazy week at school. and my heart aches. literally.
finally, the last 20 minutes of school, i turned off the lights. projected the decorah eagle's nest on the screen and piped pandora through the speakers. every student grabbed a lap top and they all got on poptropica at their desk.
and my body literally mirrored my heart....which doesn't happen often in school.
wiped out.
i dropped my head and started praying.
i prayed for every.single.student in my class.
real, deep prayers.
(how's THAT for public school! :))
so much hurt and pain in that one room.
once in a while i am just overcome. i could barely hide my tears. i often feel hopeless.
i had emailed a parent the other day about her student who has had some problems.
i told her "if he takes nothing else away from my classroom this year, i hope he knows i believe in him. in the man he is going to become. i hope he knows that."
i write this because i need this blog world to know we care. i know i can't be the only teacher doing this. feeling this. we care. and it is flippin HARD work. exhausting work. FULFILLING work.
i would not trade it for anything.
but still.
it's friday.
i have a date with my mom and ayla at 8:30 am tomorrow and
that's all.
just know how deeply the teachers care.


Candi said...

Tears.... just sayin' !!

Courtney said...

thanks for sharing this, cassie!

Amy said...

I love this.
So very much. :)