Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting "pumped" for World Water Day...

If you have been reading my blog for ANY time at all, you are aware of my passion for water. For bringing CLEAN water to every corner of the earth. It has been one of my passions for several years. And my favorite non-profit, The Adventure Project, always feels passionately about water.
Last year I was able to have an open house to raise money for this campaign. Remember Ram Rati? I posted a video of her HERE and talked about World Water Day. It was such an awesome fundraiser and we raised over $2500 in one evening.

This year things are a little different. My first year teaching is proving to be very very time consuming. And although I would love to do this again, I just can't find the time to do it right. So my fundraising is going to look a little different. Lucky for me, there was some exciting news from The Adventure Project last week. The Prem Rawat Foundation stepped up again. They agreed to MATCH every dollar raised on World Water Day up to $25,000!! So there is potential for $50,000 to be raised in ONE DAY if enough supporters step forward and agree that water is important in every nation. I am hoping that YOU will be one of those people and join forces with us and we work towards this goal on MARCH 22nd!

Here's the deal. So many wells have been drilled in the past 20 years. People are "getting it" and they want to help! The problem is that 1/3 of all these wells are now broken. And often there are no tools, parts or mechanics to fix them. Enter in The Adventure Project. Last year the funds raised through this campaign helped to open 2 well mechanic shops in the State of Bihar, India. Those shops are now sustainable and no longer in needs of outside investment! Isn't that incredible?!?! Last year The Adventure Project began changing the face of the water crisis. And my favorite part, you ask? :) NOT THROUGH CHARITY BUT THROUGH JOBS! This excites me beyond belief. We refuse to throw money at the problem and walk away. INSTEAD The Adventure Project is partnering with Water for People to create turn ensuring that people have sustainable access to clean water. It's a new way of "giving". And I love it.

So this is how I have decided to be a part of this campaign this year. I have set a goal of $550 and created a fundraising page that you can donate on. BUT WAIT! Don't donate now!!! I need to rally all my supporters to donate on March 22nd. Mark your calendars. Oh...and don't worry...I'll remind you again. And again. And again before Thursday. Why $550 you ask? Because that will be enough to train one well mechanic. That mechanic maintains an average of 50 wells in their area. They check on a few per day for general maintenance. If there is a breakdown, a village calls the mechanic and he/she bikes over and takes care of the problem. I want to provide that. I want to support that. I want to create change in India for people that use 50 wells. I am so grateful that The Adventure Project is providing me this opportunity!

Wondering how you can help? Great! Let me tell you! You can be a part of this in a few different ways.
1. you can simply donate to my page on WWD on March 22nd HERE. (remember to WAIT UNTIL MARCH 22ND!)

2. you can create your own page HERE and rally your "people" to help YOU raise funds. i promise you, it takes less than 1 minute. Seriously simple.

3. if you are a blogger, join the blog-a-thon train HERE.

SEE? super easy. super exciting. and life-changing for thousands and thousands of people in India. Please consider joining forces in some way on Thursday. THANK YOU in advance. I can't wait to watch the water start to flow on Thursday!

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